Current Governance Structure

Executive Committee of the Association. President. Paola Bonizzoni (Milan, 2016-2020). Secretary General. Giuseppe Primiero (London, 2016-2020). Chair of the Conference Series Steering Committee. Florin Manea (Kiel, 2016–2020) Treasurer. Dag Normann (Oslo, 2016-2024) Member-at-Large. Liesbeth De Mol (Lille, 2017-2021) Member-at-Large. Barnaby Martin (Durham, 2017-2021) Member-at-Large. Elvira Mayordomo (Zaragoza, 2016–2018) Member-at-Large. Mariya Soskova (Wisconsin-Madison, 2017-2021) Members of the Conference Series Steering … Continue reading Current Governance Structure